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Managing Payments

Important Notes for INTERNAL Customers Heading link

  • Unless you accept a user into your lab AND assign them a payment method, they will not be able to request service
  • It is up to PIs and Business Managers to maintain CFOAPALs and user access to them
  • RRC Staff is not able to manage CFOAPAL lists of your lab
  • PIs can have multiple labs inside UIC as well as outside of UIC. In order to create them, please contact
  • Business Managers can belong to multiple labs and manage all of them.

Important Notes for EXTERNAL Customers Heading link


EXTERNAL USERS DO NOT NEED TO ADD PAYMENT SOURCES ON iLAB. Invoices will be sent out after the services will be provided.

Payments are DUE in 30 days.

Please note that you will need your ACCOUNT NUMBER for all payment methods. Your account number is listed on your invoice as “Group UIN.”